Blah blah blahhhhgggging.

Yeah.    Hi.  Well. Um, er…this project was supposed to be a random and – operative word INTEGRATED amalgam of paintings , prose, journalism, drawings/multimedia art , poetry, and photography – all by me, of course.  Me, me, me. I am so sick of me. But these things – these ramblings of the soul – are piling up in my house and in my mind and in my heart and I must release them.

One tries to blog without an audience in mind. Yes, I do that. Yes, I CAN do that. But somehow, every time I push the PUBLISH button i feel like an insta-ass.  My solution?  Get over it!  

So, while I have started this endeavor in a rather odd way, I will attempt to continue it without being so art-centric. But as I asked myself earlier, as a single mother of a laptop-obsessed two-year-old, how can I write anything worthwhile while I am attempting to scrape multigrain strawberry cereal bars out of the carpet to the backdrop of a waaaaaaaaay too loud Dora the Explorer DVD?  Dammit, I am going to try! SO, here goes….something.

Janice J. Cunningham  1.15.11


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3 responses to “Blah blah blahhhhgggging.

  1. Ellen Fagan

    Keep it coming, honey, at any pace you want, & without apology. Just by the act of writing/posting, you ARE putting it out into the world in a nice organic way…& if Will intercedes, that’s okay too. Love you!


  2. What if it isn’t organic? I can’t afford organic. Where do you think we are, Gourmet Garage??? Whole Freakin’ Foods??? Huh? HUH? (hee)


  3. danny

    You are incredible Your genius divine


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