peas on earth

janice j. cunningham

This painting is dedicated to Alison Latimer and all my vegetarian and vegan friends out there. As well as the many human beings who think of eating mushy canned peas with die-cut carrots and want to gag.  Not me, mind you…i love the little suckers in all forms.   I didn’t always, though.

When i was seven, we had a fifties-era cafe table in the kitchen, and we tended to eat dinner there unless it was a special occasion. Mind you, I despised peasin all forms – sugar snap, shelled, pigeon, sweet, baby – until I “grew up”.  Dinners and our food intake were carefully monitored by my obsessive mother, who ate vicariously through her children (god rest her soul; she tried), but was on an eternal diet of coffee and cigarettes.  If we did not eat our veggies, there would be hell to pay.

One balmy spring evening…

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2 responses to “peas on earth

  1. Garoli

    Janice love your work.
    But hey! I dont have time to scroll thru it all.
    25 posts a day is too much for my eyes( and brain ) for that matter.
    Still you’re best of the best NY gals.


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