Just woke from a dream which was so realistic my head is spinning. It was totally as if I visited whatever the afterlife is. I got to see my whole family and it was wonderful, as well as friends who have passed like my buddies Andrew and Alexi. ❤️ My parents were there, my aunt and uncle, Grandma and Grandpa and BeeBa (my dad’s mom). Even all my old cats Boo Radley I, Allie, Amos, Patches, Spike, and Minnaloushe were there.

Quite the party, lol.

The funniest thing was, I was panicking because I couldn’t find William’s raggedy old stuffed Lambie (his first toy) — and right before I woke up in a strange bubble of peace, I found it…

and placed it in my old red backpack to go wherever I was going.

Everything works out, even in the end 🐇

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