My Take on Knife Sharpening

I happen to collect knives and this is a super cool blog post.
(Note: Henckels and Wusthof used for CULINARY PURPOSES only. LOL!)

Overly Appreciative of the Perspective

I say “My Take” because like anything else in a professional kitchen, there are innumerable ways of doing something “right,” and in this post, you’ll get to see from quite a few different sources what I believe to be a holistic view of the practice of knife sharpening.

Sharpness & Shelf-Life

In an experiment to see how the sharpness of a knife can affect the duration of a product’s shelf-life, Clay Allison, an entrepreneur we’ll be coming back to, cut cross sections of celery with a sharp knife and then with a dull knife, bagged them in ziploc bags and kept them in a fridge for 2.5 days.


And here are the results after 9.5 days:


So apparently, a knife’s edge can really make a difference…which is why the Japanese are so fond of the intricacies of knife sharpening:


The image should give you an idea of where knife sharpening…

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