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Alexa at Dinner…

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Amélie in my heart always ❤️

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Angel on the Auction Block

Frances Loretta. Started in 1997, signed in 2004. Oil on hand-stretched canvas. No prints available. 13×19”.

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Fell off the blogging grid for a long time. Hello again! I’ve been wanting to write, but not sure where to start. So here goes: a few projects I’ve been working on while taking a temporary hiatus from painting.

The first house is a hand-made antique that I bought for $25. The owner thought it was haunted (!!!) and just wanted it out of her house. I rescued it happily from her driveway and that was the beginning of a tiny journey. (Pardon any technical glitches in this post, please. I am in the process of remembering how to do this!)

Lilith Garden (work in progress)

And another. Small worlds for a big planet 🌎 ~ the second house is called Lionsgate and is under total renovation right now, which I hope to document visually here. Both houses are electrified and 1:12 scale.

Lionsgate (work in progress)

I have been in love with miniatures since around age 5, and constructed my first dollhouse out of cardboard, wood, beads, rocks, and fabric scraps at age 9. I brought it to school and was surprised that the other children loved it. That began a lifelong love of everything 1:12 scale.

Little things mean a lot to me. Literally! Hope you enjoy, and stay tuned.

The Overlook. (Antique Boston Keystone house circa 1940s) Another work very much in progress.


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Of Mice and Men. “I’ll love him, and I’ll pet him, and I’ll call him George.”


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img_3238Photo on 2013-01-31 at 02.03 #3wpid-IMG_20131107_145517.jpg


THE THINKER. 2007. Gouache on paper, 5×7. Sold. Collection Jackson Zimmerman, PA.

Photo on 2-24-12 at 5.14 AM

remove the values GOOD/BAD from pain, and suffering ceases. When you get burned, learn from it, but do not stand still in the ashes

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A Profound Reflection Upon the Last Week of My Life

It’s a long story…but this about sums it up.


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A Surprise Gift: from Paris, with Love

My talented friend and filmmaker, Xavier S. Delpeuch, created this lovely clip for me.

I am undeserving!

Thank you so much mon ami <3.

(His channel on YouTube is wonderful — definitely worth checking out. <3)


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My Painting Studio: a Room with a View

All photos & videos courtesy the author.

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The Importance of Proper Nutrition

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That’s Amore…


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