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MARRIED? Maddied? (She’s alive…ALIVE!!!)

O. M. Freaking G!!!

Nobody warned me about the itching.
I’m-a goin’-a CRAZEEEE!!!

I peeled back the bandages on my shoulder “just to see” because I am so enthralled by the grotesque nature of the human body in crisis,

and I am also a sucker for punishment.

A black line with staples across it, from underarm to shoulder blade, circled my limb,  severed and re-attached.

Veritable train tracks.
Choo choo!

LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE I am the new Bride of Frankenstein!
I got my wedding wishes, after all.

ANIMA SOLA. 2008. 16×22. Oil on canvas nailed to board. SOLD, collection Hannah Brooks, M.D. NYC



Love.  Ain’t it just grand?


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