Janice J. Cunningham

I am an artist/writer/photographer/mama — NYC born and bred.
This is my life, for what it’s worth (the good, the bad, and the not-so-pretty) –or rather, noteworthy parts of it–
in mixed media across the board for your viewing pleasure (sometimes, LOL).
Here’s to LIFE.
It’s okay to stay negative.



Janice J. Cunningham

Planet Earth

Painting and praying in Brooklyn, NYC while at Pratt Institute.

Studying oil painting with Phillip Sherrod and a member of the 14th Street Painters at Art Students League. Magical and miraculous time…<3

At work in the wee hours.  Gramercy Park, NYC 2008.

At work in my Brooklyn studio – in the company of a few very large angels.

This one was 9 feet tall and now lives in Richmond, Virginia, with the McMurtrie family – major collectors of  my work.

…a detail of her head – I had to climb up a ladder to shoot this!

My grandmother, angelic.

The ultimate form of art and nature – being a mother.

I love you, I love you , I love you – my firstborn and only son.  William James Maxwell Cunningham,  b. 2.09.09          BLISS…….


35 responses to “Janice J. Cunningham

  1. Cool to know more about you, Janice!
    Thank you for sharing!


  2. Thanks Norn! I love your artwork, as well as your artistic taste.


  3. Thank you for sharing your art and your life:) Good luck with your artistic endeavors x


  4. Mikaila – been following your work and saw pics of your incredible show! Be flattered — I have always been envious of your painting!!! Give Geoffrey & Juliette big hugs. xoxo jjc


  5. Ellen Fagan

    It’s all just wonderful, kiddo! It’s such a joy to see your artwork, the snapshots of your life & your always-brilliant, one-off thoughts. I love you as a person & I am a huge fan of your process. Thanks for giving us all a peek!


  6. Thomas Barrett

    I am so happy for you Janice. I have been following you silently with prayers for a while now. May you continue to be blessed, and share your life with the world. Ciao… Tom


  7. Erick K. Huling

    Hello Janice, thanks for visiting my facebook poetry page! I love your website, it is beautiful. You are very talented.


  8. Kevin

    Great work. You’re a true artiste!


  9. to think i get caught up in nothings sometimes. this is a true reality check and a testimony of the courage of a determined soul. soo easy to give up, quit, but to stay the course is a battle won regardless of the outcome..


  10. kimberlyandboys

    Can’t wait to hear about all of your Long Island/ New York adventures! Have fun!!! 🙂


  11. Teleri

    Love it, go back to your blog!


  12. Wonderful bio and beautiful photos. I especially like the image of you nursing your son.


  13. Tatiana

    I love your art Janice!!


  14. Wow, you are like Michelangelo as in the previous mentioned DaVinci code file manager lol , kiss

    Liked by 1 person

  15. rumpl stltskn

    Outstanding. Too bad some not available any mre

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Xavier S. Delpuech

    Parmi les millions d’étoiles que sont vos photos, j’ai choisis celles qui pour moi racontaient un peu, peut être trop vite ce que je ressens pour vous, ce que je crois comprendre de votre vie, la tendresse que vous m’inspirez. Je me suis bien évidement trompé, et je vous en demande pardon. Je ne pouvais malheureusement pas toutes les choisir. De toute façon il n’y en avait pas assez pour vous décrire, pour vous raconter, pour vous peindre…

    Et de toute façon Stevie Wonder n’avait pas de chansons assez longues pour chanter l’histoire de votre vie.

    Je l’ai fait parce que vous m’en avez inspiré l’idée. C’est un cadeau que je vous fait en priant pour que vous soyez indulgente à toutes mes imperfections.

    Votre amie qui vous aime,


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    • Xavier S. Delpuech

      Je suis tellement désolé de vous savoir malade à la maison, et moi si loin à ne pouvoir satisfaire vos moindres petits caprices qui vous aideraient à retrouver la santé, revenir dans votre vie que vous aimez tant. Pendant que vous devez moucher votre nez 7000 fois par jour, vous levez du lit 100 fois pour un thé, une soupe chaude, boire beaucoup d’eau, faute de vous cajoler avec ma cuisine, je préparais pour vous un montage. J’aimerai tant qu’il vous aide à retrouver l’énergie, le brillant de vos yeux, le souffle dans vos veines, l’inspiration dans votre coeur et votre esprit si vif, si plein d’idées qui vous désespèrent quelques fois de ne voir le jour, et qui vous …..rendent malade.

      Le premier lien youtube n’est pas bon. S’il vous plait, regardez celui ci et dites moi que vous êtes guérie. Avec toute ma tendresse et mes prières for the healing of the Janice you love to make live in you. And the one yours friends need so much.

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  17. Marjorie Chung

    Hi Janice,
    Thank you for inviting me to your gallery.
    Your bio and artwork brightened up my day. Love the Angels, young Janice, and especially the picture of you with William, priceless.
    Motherhood, love, dreams, color, passion, connections.
    Love you,

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  19. Kellie Newman

    I just love your work. I collect dolls, (not paintings, but saw a picture you posted that your working on and her eyes just captivated me. (Sounds weird) but it’s like she has lived my life. Lol
    Have a great day. Always love seeing your things.

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  20. Andy Gerber

    Just came across a letter written to my grandmother Gerber from a Janice Cunningham” who was a painter and lived in Rushtown Ohio in 1958. Any relation?

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  21. Abby Labus

    I can’t wait to see your new works!

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  22. Fjóla Björk Jensdóttir

    Love you and your work🔥


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