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3 responses to “Perfect.

  1. Garoli

    Sign me up. Where ya been girl? Love this poem. Love you too. Garoli




    I can imagine the short movie, and put the music in it. It is a story as I like it, sensual, soft erotic, a beautiful decor, a space out of the time, warm colors, and a dramatic end. It remember me the breakfast I took sometimes at the George V. White table clothe going down to the feet, silver dishes full of milk, coffee, tea, butter, soft and tender brioches, the taste of the confitures fancy and delicious as my grandma knew how to do it, and men dressed as penguin attentive to your smaller desire, ready to make it real. You have the talent to enlighten my thoughts as the unpredictable artist I love to see in you. You are tender, loneliness, world lover, mother earth, mother heart, the woman we all dream to share the life, and we know it is impossible but we still love this idea. Thank you for your pudeur, votre gentillesse, vos excès, vos partages, vos secrets, votre voix qui m’émeut et me rend encore plus heureux de vous connaître, merci d’être encore mon amie. Love Xavier

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