Second, Third, and Fourth Opinion. PERSISTENCE.

And heeeere….
is the “IRREVERSIBLE TRACHEOSTOMY”, according to three out of four ENT doctors.
First , I was on two respiratory machines for a year and a half and could barely leave the house, let alone take William to the park, for fear of suffocation.They said I would need a trach tube in my neck for life. When THAT came out last October, they said this hole could never be closed, and I would never be able to swim again or I would drown instantly.
So. I said, “PHOOEY!”
Sewed shut (!!!) on Tuesday night.
I will be swimming in a week or so.
This is a good thing.

HAHA! Who’s laughing NOW?Image


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3 responses to “Second, Third, and Fourth Opinion. PERSISTENCE.

  1. Howard Prouty

    Hi Janice, I hope you are feeling better. I enjoy your e-mails and visiting your facebook page. I am currently unable to post anything (unless it is an article {I cannot share from you tube}), “like” anything, or comment on, or share anything on facebook. I think someone gave me a time out. I am able to view what is going on.


  2. NICE!!! F the Doctors! Love the Healers!!!


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