painted into ether (she never DID find that reason)

She found a pristine paintbrush and painted her half of the portrait out, easily and without any thought.  In its stead, she painted an azure cloudless sky.  And three white rabbits, one sitting on his shoulder.  His strange, absent gaze fell upon the creature now instead of upon her upturned nose.

In the sky, where clouds might have have been floating aimlessly by on any given day, she scrawled two simple words in violet cursive:

Good Bye.

She caught a fleeting whiff of fresh cut lilacs, turned her back on the painting , and walked into the waning sunlight of an early summer evening, extinguishing a white candle on her way.

Free from the confines of desire, she happily hopped far, far away. (THE JIG OF LIFE, one half of diptych. 8×10, oil on canvas. 2012.)

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