Out of the Ether, Into My Bones

everything is arbitrary now,

you see.

i am grateful for

the small accidents:

a broken china cup.

spilled white sugar.

a burned fingertip, a razor

nick, a

blown-out bulb.

these things force me

out of the ether and into

my bones

make me BE, Jesus


just where i am

planted in the earth.      it hurts

it hurts.     the salt of the

earth, it hurts.

this salt of the earth

is dangerous

to tender slugs born sans armor


i am still


jjc 1.20.11


Filed under art, diary, poetry

3 responses to “Out of the Ether, Into My Bones

  1. Alvo

    I Love this!


  2. Reblogged this on wordswurdswirds and commented:
    A friend and fellow slug from twitter just broke my heart with words and images. <


    • Allo fellow Tweep! Great to hear from you here! I’m going to have to check out YOUR blog when I get home later. I haven’t had time to breathe which explains my insanity. Lack of O2 to cerebral cortex. SLUG? HA! “Knuckle Tat: ….” that was hilarious! ❤ props to you my friend. Love, JJ


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