This is the horror of 2009. My son was taken from me because…

i was very ill and hospitalized with stress induced anorexia nervosa.  Thirty pounds later, I am two weeks away from possible full custody and I have missed half of  his little life. If anyone ever calls me overprotective, I will kick them. Hard.  I will be posting letters to my son written during the last heartbreaking two years, if only to expunge the sorrow from my now happy heart.  During this absence i fell into a coma for a month due to respiratory failure and was not expected to live. Obviously, I did – and every tiny hug, every “Mama”, every tying of a tiny sneaker makes my soul rejoice. God bless you, William James Maxwell. I love you more than life itself.

I was panicked, angry, catatonically depressed, angry again, but mostly weeping for his entire absence. He is my everything…he was taken from me while i was still breastfeeding him.


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3 responses to “This is the horror of 2009. My son was taken from me because…

  1. god bless and thank you to the most talented artist!!!!


  2. lola

    jesus, janice…………when i let myself capture your feelings through this post ,i must admit it rips me apart


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